Pray for them but in an innocent way

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写字机器人大量抄写佛经(毗卢遮那经,度大恶之人),抄写好的佛经在国家纪念日被贴在伦敦各处的“战争英雄(殖民者)”纪念碑上;游戏《看门狗》中伦敦的Victoria garden里的“战争英雄(殖民者)”纪念碑上被投射伦敦佛光寺的祈祷法会直播视频。

In large numbers Buddhist scriptures (the Vishnu Sutra, which relieves sin) copied by writing robots are posted on "Heroes of War (Colonists)" monuments all over London on National Remembrance Day; A live video of a prayer service at the Buddha's Light Temple is projected on the "Heroes of War (Colonists)" monument from the game Watch Dogs’ London.