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Lixiang/Daffodil Valentine
Zhaoqi Yu



The British Museum was founded in 1753, and over the next 250 years, Britain's colonial expansion abroad has yielded a wealth of artifacts from around the world. Today, the British Museum has grown to become one of the world's largest museums, serving as a public education service, with innocent 'anti-conquest' rhetorical strategies throughout the space, but with the ubiquitous 'eye of empire' as a constant reminder of the brutal colonial past. history.

This exhibition is a virtual exhibition using AR technology. The generative nature of the virtual has the potential to be realized in the real, it does not matter, but the real, the process of AR generation consumes the space of the real world and the bandwidth of the virtual world. As the metaverse heads towards the end of its anti-centralization, the competition for virtual space resources between the powers will go into overdrive. This exhibition intends to establish temporary autonomous regions for cultural production at the heart of imperialist culture, preserving a clean slate for the foreseeable future of feudalism.